Level 2

Food and Beverage Service

This Level 2 course requires you to complete 10 units.  Four of these are mandatory* (you must do them) and you need to choose six others.  This course is for staff who work as part of a team, providing food, soft drinks, coffees or alcoholic beverages for their customers.  You are likely to work in cafes, restaurants hotels, or pubs.  You will be expected to have a working knowledge of all the tasks required of you from the units you select.  If you work behind a bar, you should select mainly bar units, if most of your work is waiting on, you should select mainly food service units.  If you do both, you should choose a mix of the two, and consider in addition, the payments unit, which demonstrates that you have cash handling skills.


You need to select your units carefully, to ensure that you can show your assessor that you are consistently carrying out the necessary tasks to achieve each of the units you select.  If you rarely serve wine by the bottle to customers, don’t select this unit – you need good knowledge of wines, and of correct serving methods to achieve this unit successfully.  Your assessor or your manager will help you choose.  Your assessor will observe you at work to cover most of the units, and you may be given some short exercises to complete for the health, hygiene and safety units.  Your assessor will also ask you questions about your job to check your knowledge.


If you need any help or guidance with your course, your assessor is the person to ask.  He/she has been specially trained to guide you through your course, and will be happy to help!


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F9DA 04*
Maintain a safe, hygienic and secure working environment*
F9DC 04*
Work effectively as part of a hospitality team*
F940 04*
Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation*
F97W 04*
Maintain food safety when storing, holding and serving food*
Select 6 optional units - at least 1 unit from each of groups 1 & 2 must be used
Group 1
F9DD 04
Provide a counter/takeaway service
F98H 04
Serve food at the table
F98J 04
Provide a silver service
F98K 04
Provide a buffet/carvery service
Group 2
F982 04
Serve alcoholic and soft drinks
F983 04
Prepare and serve cocktails
F984 04
Prepare and serve wines
F987 04
Prepare and serve dispensed and instant hot drinks
F988 04
Prepare and serve hot drinks using specialist equipment
Group 3
F98D 04
Prepare and clear areas for counter/takeaway service
F98G 04
Prepare and clear areas for table service
F981 04
Prepare and clear the bar area
F985 04
Maintain cellars and kegs
F986 04
Clean drink dispense lines
F989 04
Receive,store and issue drinks stocks
F941 04
Resolve customer service problems
F942 04
Promote additional services or products to customers
F943 04
Deal with customers across a language divide
F944 04
Maintain customer service through effective handover
F97X 04
Maintain and deal with payments