Level 3

Hospitality Supervision and Leadership

This course requires you to complete 8 units. Five of these are mandatory* (you must do them) and you need to choose 3 others.  This course is for supervisors and junior managers in the hospitality industry.  You must be supervising other staff as part of your job role to achieve this course. It is suitable for supervisors in restaurants, bars, housekeeping, reception, kitchen, or, indeed, for general or customer liaison managers. This may be in small or large hotels, restaurants, cafes, workplace canteens, residential homes or any other outlets which involve the provision of hospitality services to the public.  The units are wide ranging, and some are complex, so check them carefully before you choose.


The five mandatory units cover the basic range of skills for a junior manager or supervisor.  The three optional units you select should reflect the specific tasks you carry out in your job role.  For example HSL10 (Food Service) should be chosen if you are a restaurant supervisor.  HSL31 is an excellent unit for supervisors who hold meetings with their staff, and will provide evidence for many other units. Your assessor and manager will go through the units with you, before you start, to ensure you select appropriate units for your job role. There may be some observation, but you will also be given tasks or projects to complete to achieve some of the units. You will also be given knowledge questions to answer.


If you need any help or guidance with your course, your assessor is the person to ask.  He/she has been specially trained to guide you through your course, and will be happy to help!


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DR73 04*
Provide Leadership for Your Team*
DR4A 04*
Develop Productive Working Relationships with Colleagues*
F7RA 04*
Contribute to the Control of Resources*
F7RD 04*
Maintain the Health,Hygiene,Safety and Security of the Working Environment*
F04F 04*
Lead a Team to Improve Customer Service*
Optional Units - candidates must select at least one unit from section B with the final two units being selected from either section B or C
Section B
F7RE 04
Supervise Food Production Operations
F7RG 04
Supervise Functions
F7RJ 04
Supervise Food Services
F7RK 04
Supervise Drink Services
F7RM 04
Supervise Housekeeping Services
F7RN 04
Supervise Portering and Concierge Services
F7RP 04
Supervise Reception Services
F7RR 0
Supervise Reservation and Booking Services
Section C
F7RS 04
Contribute to Promoting Hospitality Services and Products
F7RT 04
Contribute to the Development of Recipes and Menus
F7RW 04
Supervise Off-Site Food Delivery Services
F7RX 04
Supervise Cellar and Drink Storage Operations
F34T 04
Manage the Receipt,Storage or Dispatch of Goods
F7RY 04
Supervise the Wine Store/Cellar and Dispense Counter
F7S0 04
Supervise Vending Services
F7S1 04
Supervise Linen Services
F04M 04
Monitor and Solve Customer Service Problems
F04D 04
Improve the Customer Relationship
DR7C 04
Provide Learning Opportunities for Colleagues
F7S2 04
Supervise the Use of Technological Equipment in Hospitality Services
F7S4 04
Supervise Practices for Handling Payments
F7S6 04
Contribute to the Development of a Wine List
F2H3 04
Manage the Environment Impact of Your Work
F7S8 04
Contribute to the Selection of Staff for Activities
F7S9 04
Ensure food safety practices are followed in the preparation & serving of food & drink
F272 04
Lead Meetings