Level 3

Professional Cookery

Professional Cookery 3 requires you to complete 16 units.  Three of these are mandatory* (you must do them) and you need to choose 13 others.  This course is suitable for chefs who have already completed level 2, and/or are experienced in producing basic dishes and are moving on to the production of complex skills and dishes.  You may be doing this course at college, or in workplaces such as fine dining restaurants, or good quality hotels. The range of evidence you need to collect is substantial, so check the units carefully to make sure you can provide the evidence required.


You need to select your units carefully, to ensure that you are working to an acceptable standard, and producing sufficient quality dishes. If you are involved in costing and developing menus, you should consider including units HSL3 and/or HSL9 to give more breadth to your qualification, and to demonstrate these skills.  Your assessor and manager will go through the units with you, before you start to ensure you select appropriate units for your job role.  Your assessor will observe you at work to cover most of the cooking units, and you will be given tasks to complete for the generic units. Photographs of finished dishes, and witness testimonies from your head chef and colleagues are useful for this course. Your assessor will also ask you questions about your job to check your knowledge.


If you need any help or guidance with your course, your assessor is the person to ask.  He/she has been specially trained to guide you through your course, and will be happy to help!


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F7RD 04*
Maintain the Health, Hygiene, Safety and Security of the Working Environment*
DR4A 04*
Develop Productive Working Relationships with Colleagues*
F9DK 04*
Maintain Food Safety when Storing, Preparing and Cooking Food*
Please select 13 optional units
F9DP 04
Produce Healthier Dishes
F7RA 04
Contribute to the Control of Resources
F7RT 04
Contribute to the Development of Recipes and Menus
F7S9 04
Ensure Food Safety Practices are followed in the Preparation & Serving of Food & Drink
F951 04
Prepare Fish for Complex Dishes
F952 04
Prepare Shellfish for Complex Dishes
F953 04
Prepare Meat for Complex Dishes
F954 04
Prepare Poultry for Complex Dishes
F955 04
Prepare Game for Complex Dishes
F956 04
Cook and Finish Complex Fish Dishes
F957 04
Cook and Finish Complex Shellfish Dishes
F958 04
Cook and Finish Complex Meat Dishes
F959 04
Cook and Finish Complex Poultry Dishes
F95A 04
Cook and Finish Complex Game Dishes
F95C 04
Cook and Finish Complex Vegetable Dishes
F95D 04
Prepare, Cook and Finish Complex Hot Sauces
F95E 04
Prepare, Cook and Finish Complex Soups
F95F 04
Prepare, Cook and Finish Fresh Pasta Dishes
F95G 04
Prepare, Cook and Finish Complex Bread and Dough Products
F95H 04
Prepare, Cook and Finish Complex Cakes, Sponges, Biscuits and Scones
F95J 04
Prepare, Cook and Finish Complex Pastry Products
F95K 04
Prepare, Process and Finish Complex Chocolate Products
F95L 04
Prepare, Process and Finish Marzipan, Pastillage and Sugar Products
F95M 04
Prepare, Cook and Present Complex Cold Products
F95N 04
Prepare, Finish and Present Canapes and Cocktail Products