Choosing the right level of SVQ

SVQ Courses in Professional Cookery

You also need to choose an SVQ at an appropriate level.  SDConsultancy offers three levels, one of which is suitable for everyone, from a junior employee, to a senior manager.
Level 2 requires a bit of experience,and responsibility, and you will be carrying out lots of different tasks, some of which will not be routine, and there may be times when you have to work unsupervised.
Level 3 is for supervisors, or junior managers.  This level spans many different job roles. It is suitable for staff newly promoted to a supervisor role, right through to a very experienced  junior manager, with many staff to supervise, carrying out complex and responsible tasks.  Because of this, it’s important that you select your units very carefully if you are doing a course at this level.
Level 4 is for managers and senior managers. This is  usually a management course in the hospitality industry, where more advanced organisational skills are required.