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Apprenticeship Courses in Scotland & the Scottish Borders

We have a large variety of resources available to ensure you get as much support and information as possible. These resources are continuously updated and where necessary improved. If there is anything you would like to see in the resource section, please contact us.

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'How to' Video Resources


Joint Poultry

Spatchcock Poultry

Spatchcock Poultry


Deboning a Lamb shoulder

Deboning and butterflying a leg of lamb

Cooking meat - pork chops

Cooking meat - steak




Filleting Round Fish

Preparing round fish

Cooking Round fish - salmon 

Preparing shellfish - peeling prawns

Cleaning Mussels


Preparing fresh pasta

Patisserie and Confectionary

  Tempering chocolate

Hot and Cold Sauces

Hot sauces - white sauce

Cold sauces   Hot sauces - using a beurre manie

Preparing vegetables - julienne

Preparing vegetables - slicing Preparing vegetables - chopping

Cooking vegetables - roasting

Cooking vegetables - asparagus  


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