Success Stories

SDConsultancy works with apprentices of varying levels of skill, experience, ability and competence. Each and every apprentice we work with, is dedicated and motivated to complete their qualification. At SDConsultancy, we are honoured and proud to be involved in so many fabulous achievements.


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Examples of Work


At SDConsultancy, we encourage our apprentices to take pictures and videos of their work. This is used  to provide valuable evidence of what they produce in the work place. These pictures form part of a portfolio of evidence which is used to demonstrate their ability and competence in the required tasks for their qualification.



SDConsultancy works with a large variety of apprentices with varying levels of skill, ability and competence. Here are a few videos of our apprentices in action in the work place as well as videos which will support you in achieving  your qualification.



We are a dedicated team of assessors and Internal verifiers. we strive to provide the highest quality of support, advice and assessment services to our apprentices and their establishments. What you say matters to us.