Apprentice Successes

Apprenticeship Courses in Scotland & the Scottish Borders


Vytas Brizinskas

Vytas Brizinkas – started his Modern Apprenticeship at 16 as an apprentice for Chez Rouz. He started his Professional Cookery level 2 and worked really hard at meeting all the qualification criteria. His head chef at the time, Derek Johnstone was incredibly supportive and worked with Vytas to ensure he met his qualification requirements while meeting his work demands. He did so well and learnt so much that he swiftly progressed to the level 3.


Albert Roux was so impressed with Vytas’ development that he offered him the opportunity to work in Canada as his friends’ personal chef for 6 weeks. Vytas did incredibly well there and when he returned, was sent to France for training, coming back and spending a few months at La Gavroche, which is the 3 Michelin Star Roux restaurant in London. It was an unbelievable personal development for Vytas. He is now working in the Scottish Borders at another Chez Roux establishment and is currently doing his next course with SDConsultancy.


Jonny Streets

Jonny started at  the County Hotel in Selkirk as a KP/dishwasher . The owners of the hotel,Trond and Will spotted his interest and talent and put him on a Modern Apprenticeship. Jonny worked really hard on his course and completed his qualification to the highest standard.


Jonny was determined and motivated to continue to develop himself and when the opportunity came for entering the Scottish Borders Chef Challenge, he put his name forward.


During the competition, Jonny demonstrated immense skill and personal development. His dishes were imaginative, well presented and of an incredibly high quality. After many challenging rounds of cook offs, Jonny worked his way to the finals and was ‘crowned’ the Scottish Borders Chef Challenge winner.


A few months later he moved to Melrose and progressed from chef to Head chef in a few months

This documentary was done when he was nominated for the Skills Development Scotland , Apprentice of the Year Award, which he won!