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Apprenticeship Courses in Scotland & the Scottish Borders

We are a dedicated team of assessors and Internal verifiers. we strive to provide the highest quality of support, advice and assessment services to our apprentices and their establishments. What you say matters to us.


Christopher  – Greywalls Hotel and Chez Roux
" Couldn't of done it without you!!! Seriously thank you. "


James – Tontine Hotel
" really enjoyed my course, have learned so much from it. Everything I have learned will help me in my future career as a chef. "


Calum McNab – Rick's Edinburgh
" I feel very happy with my progress with myself from my tutor and my head chef. "


Ben – Birgham
" I am pleased with the progress of this course, it's helped me in many ways. "


Radek – Marmions Brasserie
" I am happy about this course. This was a huge chance to deepen my knowledge and abilities. "


Dom – Balmoral Hotel
" Sarah has been an amazing teacher and since she first started teaching me she has made everything fun and knowledgeable, but also pushed me to finish. "


Aaron – Tontine Hotel
" this course was fulfilling and very interesting – would recommend it! "


Nicky - Selkirk

"I wanted to thank you for believing in me and pointing me in the right direction. I have enjoyed level 4 has opened my eyes....I will never be that same person again..."


Claire - Edinburgh

" Thank you so much for everything"


Taylor - Gullane

" Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me through my course"