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Q: Am I eligible for an MA? - - - - A: Probably, however,

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Eligibility Questionnaire

You cannot apply for an MA if you’re:


· At school, college or university full-time

· An overseas national who is subject to an employment restriction or to a time limit on your stay in Great Britain – or both. But if you’re a refugee or asylum seeker, you can apply

· Already on an employment, training or enterprise scheme that’s funded by the government or Skills Development Scotland

· In custody as a prisoner, or on remand

If you’re over 24, you might still get a contribution to your training costs depending on what industry you’re in. This includes automotive, chemicals and biotechnology, construction and related industries, creative and cultural skills, engineering and energy, financial services, food and drink, hospitality and tourism, transport and logistics, and some sport, health and social care apprenticeships.