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What is a Modern Apprenticeship?  

The Modern Apprenticeship SVQ is a Scottish Government initiative to increase and develop the skills of workers.  The programmes are suited to all staff.  It helps the apprentice gain an industry recognised qualification and is a work based qualification that is competence based. This means that the candidate can learn and earn and income at the same time  EARN + LEARN + WORK = MODERN APPRENTICESHIP     

Do I need to be employed to start a modern apprenticeship?  

You need to be in employment to qualify to be on a Modern Apprenticeship. The training and knowledge you gain while on a Modern Apprenticeship helps you develop and learn while in the workplace     

What courses are available?  

We offer a variety of courses within several industries  and within each course, you are able to select the units which are most suited to you and your place of work  Level 2 Courses which are available:  Food and Beverage Service  Professional Cookery     Level 3 Courses which are available:  Hospitality Supervision and Leadership  Professional Cookery  Patisserie and Confectionary     Level 4 Courses which are available:  Hospitality Management     

I only work part time, will I qualify for a Modern Apprenticeship?  

As long as you are working 16 hours a week or more, you are eligible to be considered for a Modern Apprenticeship     

I have never been to college before, will I still be eligible to do a Modern Apprenticeship?  

Yes, Modern Apprenticeships are specifically designed to suit the work place. You do not need to have a college or University qualification to be eligible     

At the end of my Modern Apprenticeship, do I need to sit a test or exam ?  

No, a Modern Apprenticeship is a competence based qualification, your competence is assessed over a period of time using a variety of techniques . These could be photographs, questions, observations, work products, witness testimonies     

What happens if I get another job and move to another employer while on my Modern Apprenticeship?  

You are able to continue your Modern Apprenticeship if you move to another employer. Your assessor will need to make sure that your change of employer details are registered.     

How long will it take to complete my Modern Apprenticeship?  

You are allocated between 12-18 months to complete your Modern Apprenticeship. If you progress through your qualification more swiftly and meet the criteria and requirements of your MA , you could complete your qualification earlier. Your assessor will work with you to ensure the unit requirements are met and that you have demonstrated the appropriate level of competence..

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